Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well, it's been quite a while since I updated this blog. At the end of April I ran the 10th Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. It was a fun race. I didn't really have a time goal, although I sorta wanted to beat my last time at this race. That would mean I would need to run a 3:58 or faster. I really wasn't trying to keep a certain pace throughout the race, though. At mile 21 or thereabouts I looked at my watch and figured if I ran hard to the finish I could finish in the low 3:50s, maybe a 3:51 or 3:52. Instead, I thought it best to just enjoy the last few miles, keeping a 10 minute per mile pace or faster. I ended with 3:55:56, and I was very satisfied with that. The really cool part was that it was the first marathon I finished that I wasn't asked if I needed medical attention.

May 8th I had  good 15 mile run on Turkey Mountain, except that I fell hard and hurt my knee. After my run the following Tuesday I could hardly walk for the rest of the week. That sort of bummed me out because I was looking forward to running with Lisa Smith-Batchen when she came through town. So, Saturday May 15th I decided to just go and hang out and try to give encouragement to those who did run. Once I got there I changed my mind and decided to just do five miles. After that first loop my knee didn't hurt, so I decided to do another loop, and then another, and then another. Next thing I know, I had finished 50 miles. That was a fun day! Rob and Stormy also ran 50 with Lisa, and Kathy and Arnold each had at least 45 miles in. Kathy missed out on a few miles because in the midst of the 50 mile run she went and did a half marathon with Amanda. Kirk got in 31 miles before he suffered from leg cramps. Below is a picture of Kirk, Arnold, Lisa, me, and Ken.
My knee has been sore ever since Saturday's run, but that's okay. I'm still glad I ran. I will just lay off of running for a few more days until it gets better. I hope to go to Wichita and do another 50 miles on June 3 with Lisa, and then at least 50 on a night run on June 11.