Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Good Running Week

I had Monday off for Martin Luther King Junior's birthday. I celebrated by running for about an hour and a half on Turkey Mountain.

On Tuesday I reported for jury duty. It meant I couldn't get in my usual noon run, and temps were still a little cool for me to want to get up early. But I did get a good 12 mile run in on Wednesday evening. I started at 56th & Riverside and ran north because I wanted to see what was going on at our usual crossing point at Riverside and I44. Looks like they tore up the trail between Boston and Riverside, but what is worse is that they took down the traffic signal, which means it won't be very safe to cross the road there. I kept going north on the grass, as I was checking out the progress on the path construction from I44 to 31st Street. I was wondering what would be the best route to run on Thursday, and my initial inclination was either to run to 31st and Riverside via Peoria, 34th, and Cincinnati, or to run through the neighborhoods behind the store.

When I got to 31st, I decided to go ahead and run a bit further to the north, and before long I was at 11th Street. I then ran back, and while I was at it I kept going to the bears, although I really turned around as I got to the loop, so I didn't quite get to the bears. I then turned back north and made it to the park at 56th. Total elapsed time, 1:40:46; total distance, 12 miles. That turns out to be an 8:24 pace. It didn't feel that quick while I was running it, so I was very satisfied.

Thursday we ended up running in the neighborhoods behind the store. Bret Sholar was in town from OKC, and I ran with him, Neely, Larry, and Tony. We went all the way to 21st & Yorktown and back. Mapmyrun says it is 7.15 miles, and we ran it in 57:53, so that is right at an 8:05 pace. No wonder I was struggling to keep pace with Bret at the end. A great tempo run.

Friday I took a day off from running. Instead I mapped out a couple of very hilly runs and then drove the routes. I value my life, so I probably won't push to have them as routes for the group. However, I may try them out myself someday.

Saturday was cold. My cell phone said 21 degrees with a 16 mph wind. Feels like -2. The group ran 9 miles, starting at Helmerich Park and heading south and then along the Creek Turnpike trail as far as Yale. We returned running into the wind. Not so bright of an idea according to my way of thinking. I had some words with Brian about that. Anyway, we survived the cold, and Patty, Kathy Fleig, Larry Davied, Bill, Wade, and I did another 5, making it 14 miles. The pace was 9:30ish, which is good for a long run.

After the run, Wade and I met Larry Long at Panera. Larry had coffee, I had hot chocolate, and it seemed like Wade had everything in the store. My daughter, Becky, and her friends, Molly and Rachel were also at Panera, but they left soon after I got there. Hope I didn't drive them off! After a while Brian showed up. He had already had breakfast at First Watch, but I guess it was time for second breakfast by then.

Total miles for the week was a little over 42. Could have been more, but I wanted to come in out of the cold.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Back Above 35 Miles Per Week

I now have two weeks in a row that I have over 35 miles per week. Haven't done that since the Route 66 marathon due to knee problems. Woohoo!

Thursday tempuratures were in the teens, but I went out twice and ran - about three and a half miles at noon, and then again with the RunnersWorld group in the evening. It wasn't so bad except that my cheeks froze when running against the wind. And my eyeballs froze and went numb :)

Saturday was an enjoyable run. The schedule had us down for ten miles, which we did by running from the store to Turkey Mountain, and one loop of the red trail and back. Patty wouldn't run the nice velvety smooth dirt trails, but instead ran down the west bank paved trail to get in her extra distance. So, Curtis, Kathy, Becky, Janet, and I ran down the paved trail to meet Patty after we had our delightful run on the dirt paths.

Turned out we had eleven miles by the time we got back to the store. Then we added on another four, this time taking Larry and Bill along. Our chosen route for the last four was the neighborhood route that we did last week. The last mile felt a little weird because my shoes were full of sand. Wonder how that happened?

Sunday I went up to Kansas City with my wife, Marilyn. She was going to a birthday party for a college friend, Gracia Burnham (former missionary to Philippines, kidnapped by Abu Sayef and held hostage for nearly a year, husband killed in firefight during rescue attempt - you may have seen it on the news, but it was about 7 years ago), and I went to visit my dad during the party. I was tempted to run a few laps at my old high school track while I was there, but not enough time.

Got up this morning and ran for ninety minutes on Turkey Mountain. I covered most of the yellow and blue trails, all of the red trail (twice), plus I did a whole bunch more. I'm calling it nine miles, but since I don't have a Garmin, there is no telling what the distance really was. It was a beautiful day. Saw Tom Dorothy during my run, but no other runners. A few hikers were out there.

Total for last seven days is a little over 41 miles. It may be harder to get my distance in this week because I've been called up for jury duty and probably won't be running at noon, as I usually do.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last week ended with a nice, hilly, scenic run through the neighborhoods behind RunnersWorld, north to Utica Square, past Swan Lake, and back to the store along the same route. Most of the runners seemed to like the route, but Cheryl and I are not on speaking terms anymore. The run went pretty well for me, except that my group left without me, and even running at a quick pace, it took me four miles to catch them. I finally caught up while they were stopping to drink at Swan Lake. My average pace for the 9 miles was 8:26. (That is not the pace I should be doing these long runs.) Then I added 5 more miles at a more reasonable pace - about a minute per mile slower. Just for the record I have posted the route and profile in this blog entry.

This has been a good week of running so far. On Monday evening I ran around Zink Lake with Brian plus I ran a little extra, so I am guessing it was about 4.5 miles. I really wasn't paying attention to my watch, but I think we were running a little faster than an 8 minute pace most of the time, but we did stop to walk a few times.

Tuesday I ran 4 miles at an easy pace, around 8:50 per mile. It was from 3rd & Boulder, south on Boston and then Cincinnati to 26th, and then back north on Boston and Main. I ran the same route today, but this time I ran it as a tempo run. It was pretty windy today, which made it tough heading north, but I still managed a pace of 7:37 (that includes stopping to talk with Andy and Dustin at about 5th and Boston for a few seconds). It was my first run in my brand new adidas Supernova Sequence shoes, which I got from the best running store in Tulsa - RunnersWorld.

Friday, January 9, 2009

First Blog Entry for 2009

I'm glad to see a new year begin. The old year ended not so good, with worries about whether my knee was going to ever start feeling normal again. My first run of the new year was in Ozawkie, KS, a hilly 6 miles at a fairly relaxed pace, but because I still had a cold and maybe because I wasn't used to the hills, I was pretty tired at the end of the run. January 2 I was going to do 10 miles, but stopped at 4. The run the day before had left me sore and tired. My left knee was also a little sore during both of those runs, so it was probably best that I cut that run short.

This week I had a good series of runs. Monday I did an easy 4 mile run. Knee was feeling a little better, but not quite right. Tuesday I did 5.4 relatively hilly miles (through Maple Ridge and Woodward Park) at my eventual goal marathon pace (about 8:14 per mile) and I felt great! It was the first time since Thanksgiving that I wasn't thinking about my knee hurting during the run. Wednesday I did a 4 mile tempo run, and felt good the whole way. Thursday I ran twice, first 4 easy miles at lunch, and then 6 miles with the RunnersWorld group; the first 3 miles were done at a relatively slow pace, and I did those with Jean, Tom, and Wade. I had never run with any of them before and had a great time! At 2.5 miles Jean and Tom turned back and Wade and I kept going. The last 3 miles we kept increasing our pace until we were going somewhat faster than 8:00 per mile. At one point I ran about a quarter of a mile almost all out. It was a good solid run that left me pleasantly tired. Best of all - no knee pain!

If things go well in my training this year, I would like to run a spring marathon (OKC) at about an 8:30 per mile pace, and a fall or winter marathon at an 8:14 pace. Here are my planned training paces as I start out this new year:
Easy and Long runs: 8:45 to 10:00 per mile
Marathon pace runs: 8:10 to 8:30 per mile
Tempo/steady state runs: 7:30 to 8:05 per mile
Mile repeats: 7:00 to 7:30 per mile